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Catching Bass on a Yum Dinger

Posted By: Bassboy1992

Catching Bass on a Yum Dinger - 07/07/19 02:52 PM

I've always been told the Yum Dingers aren't nearly as good as Senkos when it comes to catching fish, but it seems like pond bass don't really mind them. I hiked about a half mile into the woods to find a pond from an old farm that burned down 100 years ago. It's amazing how something that was originally in a field can be surrounded by trees for miles around.

I was told there were some nice fish in this place, and my friend wanted me to test out a worm presentation. Ended up catching a ton of 1 to 2 pound bass. Probably time to pull some of those out so they're not overpopulated. Then landed an absolutely giant bass, at least that's what I thought when he jumped. He ended up being way skinnier than I thought. Had that huge head and very skinny body. He seemed weak, so I put him back in the water before he died. I'm a little disappointed with the GoPro footage. Really makes those fish look smaller than they are, I promise.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

I shot a little video, and have some tips on fishing a Senko/Dinger/Worm of any kind. Check it out if you're into that sort of thing.

Thanks y'all! I've got to head back with a stringer and weed out those little ones.

- Chase
Posted By: Clark51

Re: Catching Bass on a Yum Dinger - 07/08/19 02:28 AM

Nice vid Thanks, Chase!
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