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Posted By: longerhorn

Tawakoni - 07/06/19 01:39 AM

I am going to spend several days next week at the Tawakoni State Park with my daughter and grandkids. We will be in our travel trailer, but will have the boat also. My 10 year old grandson envisions himself as the next KVD. I would like to put him on some fish, but I have never been on or fished that lake and don't have a clue where to start. Any hints would be appreciated particularly fairly close to the state park. Thanks

Re: Tawakoni - 07/06/19 02:01 AM

I've caught a lot of bass flipping those flooded willows right out from the boat ramp and also the flooded willow island in the mouth of the cove. Grande bass in the watermelon red color Texas rigged, 3/16 oz. weight.
Posted By: longerhorn

Re: Tawakoni - 07/06/19 02:23 AM

Thanks. My daughter caught a 6 1/2 @ ray Bob Monday evening. Fishing flooded willows.
Posted By: Greg W

Re: Tawakoni - 07/07/19 04:31 AM

If you're not catching bass, good lake for hybrids, stripers, and mega sand bass. A 10 year old will have a blast on that lake. Look for schools right before sunset if the wind dies down.
Posted By: rducky625

Re: Tawakoni - 07/07/19 04:35 AM

We caught fish there Saturday all down the south bank from the state park to Duck cove fishing the stands of dead flooded willows. We were using texas rigs with green pumpkin baby brush hogs and 7" blue flecks power worms. After the Sun got hot on the water we fished anything with shade on it.
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