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LBJ tomorrow

Posted By: fivebites

LBJ tomorrow - 06/30/19 10:14 PM

Been there three times on half day trips but haven't been since the flood. I've never fished fished north of sandy creek and generally have fished in less than 15 feet of water. . I'm going to try to start fishing deep on that lake. Any pointers for you guys that fish the lake a lot would like to share on the best areas for deep fishing? PM me if you feel like it. Or come join me. I'm putting in a the Yacht Club Marina near the dam at daylight.
Posted By: fivebites

Re: LBJ tomorrow - 07/01/19 10:56 PM

Well here's the lowdown. Got on the lake at 6 am. Overcast and light rain with light winds. Man was I hyped! Perfect ripple for a buzzbait or spinnerbait. Nope. First time back since the flood and the hydrilla I was punching last year is pretty much gone. Found a few scattered patches. CR'd and TR'd but no takers. Finally moved out to some points and ended up with 3 on a Bandit cb. Biggest just under 3 pounds. Water slighty stained and 84 degrees in most areas. Spent a lot of time graphing deeper water and saw LOTS of fish and bait. Bait was tiny! 1 - 1.5 inches. I was around bait all day. Surprised I didnt get more bites. Off the lake at noon!
Posted By: Nekro

Re: LBJ tomorrow - 07/01/19 11:09 PM

Good report. Sucks you didn't have more bites!
Posted By: fivebites

Re: LBJ tomorrow - 07/02/19 12:49 AM

Thanks Nekro. Was kind of strange. Conditions were perfect and nearly everywhere shallow I threw anything baitfish would scatter. Oh well. Found somd good points to fish for next time!!
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