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Richland Chambers help

Posted By: slayer12

Richland Chambers help - 05/11/19 02:45 AM

I will be heading over in a couple weeks never fished the lake but with everything flooded here I am gong to try something new. Anyone have any tips on what to look for or how has it been fishing? I usually throw a lot of plastics C-Rig, T-Rig etc but also enjoy throwing cranks.
Any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: harvey walker

Re: Richland Chambers help - 05/11/19 01:20 PM

I heard that soft plastic fished close to the bush is working great. What bush and in what area and deep is my question.
Posted By: Dirty

Re: Richland Chambers help - 05/14/19 05:58 PM

My dad has a house on the lake so I fish it often. I get the best strikes on swimbaits (both soft and jointed style) and spinnerbaits. The colors I have the best luck with are white & chartreuse.

Let me know how you do. I may be on a dock fishing, so if you see a 35 year old fishing with my blonde headed wife, make sure you waive back!
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