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1983 35 HP Evinrude troubles

Posted By: Butch Good

1983 35 HP Evinrude troubles - 10/26/21 10:40 PM

I have an old 35 hp Evinrude that has been running fairly good for the past 3 years. I keep up on maintenance and use fuel additives to keep motor clean.
Last time I went out I couldn’t keep it running. Every time I’d give it throttle it would die. While on the water I removed the cover and I found that the fuel pump had vibrated loose and was just hanging there, I put that back on and still, the same problem. I brought it home and I’m trying to figure it out. I put a new fuel pump on it. Still the same problem. I ordered a carburetor rebuild kit for it, but while I’m waiting I decided to check the compression. I’m getting identical readings on both cylinders, but I’m not sure how low is too low on this older motor. I’m getting 90 to 95 PSI readings. Is that too low. If it is too low what’s my next step? Thanks
Posted By: hopalong

Re: 1983 35 HP Evinrude troubles - 10/27/21 07:56 AM

check all fuel connections for air leaks, make sure the quick connect is not letting air in. had an 82 175 johnson with same symptoms, got rid of quick connect.
I think your compression is ok.
Posted By: Butch Good

Re: 1983 35 HP Evinrude troubles - 10/30/21 08:20 PM

I checked all my lines, rebuilt the carb, when I start it it starts at very high rpm. When I adjust the idle and try to give it gas it dies. Kind of like the original problem. I noticed my bulb not getting hard when I pump it up. The line delivers fuel, but bulb won’t get hard
Posted By: Butch Good

Re: 1983 35 HP Evinrude troubles - 10/30/21 10:42 PM

Changed out the quick disconnect line. I got it to start and with some adjustments got her purring. But I think the problem is in my remote or the throttle in the engine compartment. It will throttle up, but it sticks unless I manually throttle it back under the flywheel.
My remote throttle/ignition had some breakage on the plastic pieces, maybe the reason the throttle sticks open.
Posted By: BillS2006

Re: 1983 35 HP Evinrude troubles - 10/31/21 04:29 PM

Bulb should get hard. Try pinching the hose with a set of vise grips and see if it will pump up hard.
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