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Posted By: jakepart

Normal??? - 10/23/21 08:27 PM

Just curious if this looks normal? I have noticed a little "play" or "bounce" in the motor when towing. I shake it by hand see there is movement in this area. This is basically where the motor pivots/swings when turning. I just don't know that I've ever noticed the grease and gap before.

Any input is appreciated!!



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Posted By: RED70

Re: Normal??? - 10/23/21 10:21 PM

No its not normal. You have wear on the steering bracket assy or the lower housing the shaft splines into, or both. Its just my opinion but it seems like since the beginning of the short motor toters this problem has increased tremendously. I have kinda been looking at friends motors while at weigh ins and the ones with the old time transom savers does not seem to have this problem very often.
Posted By: jakepart

Re: Normal??? - 10/24/21 12:23 PM

Thanks for the feedback. You think I am good for one more tournament?? I have one more for THSBA in November before a little break. Then I can try and get it looked at. I have no idea on wait times around here for maintenance. I know it was like 6-8 weeks over the summer.
Posted By: Fish Killer

Re: Normal??? - 10/25/21 02:28 PM

Yes the motor mounts do wear out, but all you can really do is keep grease in the zerk fittings. I've had a little play in mine for years, even after having them changed out do a wreck where I busted the midsection of the motor.

Your fine to keep running it, but it is something to keep an eye on and have serviced eventually. Not sure if that is a SHO or HPDI, but they will have to pull the power head to change out all of the motor mounts. They do have some one piece aftermarket ones that are supposed to be bullet proof.
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