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Removing Carpet

Posted By: TxRanger1

Removing Carpet - 08/26/21 01:10 PM

I have a 1990 with original carpet. It is time to replace it. What am I about to get into when removing this old carpet? Any special tools required to help ease the task? Anything to watch out for when doing this? Any help is appreciated.
Posted By: Coolarrow

Re: Removing Carpet - 08/26/21 03:11 PM

I bought a stiff putty knife and used a grinder and sharpened it one sided. I used it as a scraper and it worked great. Then I used a disk sander to clean up.
Posted By: Flip-n-go

Re: Removing Carpet - 08/26/21 04:41 PM

A hot water pressure washer may just take that old adhesive off, or the majority of it. Every little bit helps. Lol
Posted By: SteezMacQueen

Re: Removing Carpet - 08/26/21 06:44 PM

Both of the above are just about all that should be needed.
Posted By: Whistlebritches

Re: Removing Carpet - 08/27/21 01:23 AM

I have an 80 Ranger (had original carpet)I just recarpeted this spring.I just grabbed the corners and pulled,actually it came up easily.Then I just power washed to remove dirt and grime.Some of the old glue did not come up but it doesn't seem to have mattered,new carpet looks great and stayed down.
Posted By: IKELEVI

Re: Removing Carpet - 08/28/21 10:31 AM

I'll bet it comes off pretty easy. My 98 did. I used one of those real soft flap disc sanding wheels on my grinder to remove the remaining adhesive, worked great.
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