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Boat Size

Posted By: Chuck Miles

Boat Size - 08/06/21 02:12 AM

Looking for advice on what size boat to get next. I currently have a 17ft aluminum rig with a 25hp tiller. I mostly bass fish but occasionally run jugs and trot lines. I don't want to step up to a 20ft boat just yet, but I'd like more room and more speed. Would a 18ft make a huge difference? or should I wait and save my money? Is an 18ft glass boat worth looking at? any advice is welcome.
Posted By: grout-scout

Re: Boat Size - 08/06/21 03:31 AM

If you’re going to fish rough water, bigger is better. 18’ is good, 19’ is better, but once you go over 18’ the price gets a lot higher. Any fiberglass boat will run better than an aluminum, but again, the cost goes up. Down side to a bigger boat would be running trot lines, not real easy in a heavy boat. Jug lines aren’t too bad though. Best thing to do, is to find a realistic budget and see if you can find a decent boat in that range. Now a days, a low budget won’t get you much.

But to you original question. Yes a 18’ fiberglass would be light years above a 17’ aluminum. Just depends on what you can afford to spend. If you’ve never bought an older fiberglass boat, you’d be wise to take someone experienced with you to look at them.
Posted By: Tyler Kalishek

Re: Boat Size - 08/09/21 02:22 PM

18’ glass boat is great for many situations. Coming from a 17’ aluminum you’ll feel like you have twice the room
Posted By: Slow Drifter

Re: Boat Size - 08/23/21 11:32 PM

OP next summer: "So I have this 18' fiberglass boat and looking to move up to a 20-footer".... Welcome to 2-foot-itis.

Length isn't everything. I have a Sea Ray Laguna 18 deep vee that I have no problem getting out in the bays or even a little offshore in. Lakes are a different story. It has about 4 feet of freeboard and is a PITA to run juglines in. Pretty much have to use a short gaff to grab the line below the floats. All I'm saying is the obvious, every boat is a compromise.

Best of luck in whatever you decide! Happy boating and be safe,

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