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What is this?

Posted By: Sdavis37

What is this? - 08/05/21 12:47 AM

Goes from trolling battery to cranking battery

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Posted By: TxRanger1

Re: What is this? - 08/18/21 07:22 PM

Open it up and look
Posted By: Pitdad

Re: What is this? - 08/18/21 08:50 PM

I'm going to say it's a relay allowing you to use the trolling battery to help start the motor if the cranking battery goes flat. Do you have a switch somewhere on the boat to activate it?
Posted By: Sdavis37

Re: What is this? - 08/27/21 08:11 PM

It has some control wires but they don’t go to anything, I just took it out of the boat
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