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2011 Nitro 6 115hp

Posted By: Travis franklin

2011 Nitro 6 115hp - 07/01/21 03:34 AM

Bought this boat everything runs great and works fine except
When we are on the water it pulls really hard to the right , if was to let go of the wheel it would literally try to throw you out of the boat. It has hydraulic steering or stabilization.
How does that work exactly? Does anyone know ?
I’ve adjusted the directional fin right above the prop. Didn’t seem to help much.
Also where can I find a service manual for it as well.
Any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: Pat Goff

Re: 2011 Nitro 6 115hp - 07/01/21 04:59 AM

That is prop torque. Normal stuff.
If you like the way it’s running get a $25 skeg mounted torque tab from bass pro and put it on. That’ll take care of it.
Posted By: heybaylor

Re: 2011 Nitro 6 115hp - 07/02/21 12:20 PM

where is the trim ?? full down gives you the most prop torque.
does it get better when you trim it up ??

Pat is correct (as usual) skeg trim tab helps a lot as does full clockwise on the adjustable tab
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