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L/U Seal Replacement

Posted By: Flip-n-go

L/U Seal Replacement - 05/06/21 09:38 PM

I'm getting water in the lower unit oil. Is replacing the seals a dyi job or take it to the shop job. 1990 Yamaha ProV 150. I can do water pump replacement, rebuild carbs, etc. so I'm not totally mechanically stupid. Thanks.
Posted By: boatman025

Re: L/U Seal Replacement - 05/07/21 01:32 PM

you should be able to replace the seals
Posted By: Flip-n-go

Re: L/U Seal Replacement - 05/07/21 08:54 PM

Thanks for the reply. Looked @ a YouTube vid & doesn't look too bad, its just the bad that's bad..lol
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