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2021 pro xs 250

Posted By: Alpha199

2021 pro xs 250 - 03/14/21 10:49 PM

I just recently had a new 250 pro xs installed on my 2013 Alpha 211. Tried the 25 Fury that was on my 2 stroke and was only able to turn 5200 rpm. Dropped down to a 23 pitch tempest and rpm went up to 5600 and was running 65mph. That’s after adjusting the set screw on the hotfoot. Does anybody have any idea where I should go from here? Was easily running 72 with the 2 stroke and the 25p fury.
Posted By: MikeW07

Re: 2021 pro xs 250 - 03/15/21 01:42 PM

I just did same thing on same boat - I had a 24 so that's what I'm running - based on 3.5" under pad I am getting right at 5700 if I move the plate up some and trim some got 5800. When I did the full throttle runs in the breakin with just me, no livewell water, less than 1/2 tank of fuel I got to about 5900 at 71 mph before I ran out of lake - the full fuel tank and livewell seems to affect it quite a bit. I was thinking about trying the 23. I did read some posts about the top load hotfoot (what I have) not letting it get 100% throttle but it was on rangers - I did see that TH did modify the hotfoot so that it had a little more range of motion -
Posted By: Alpha199

Re: 2021 pro xs 250 - 03/15/21 02:37 PM

Adjusting the set screw on the hot foot helped out tremendously. My nest move is to check the jack plate and make adjustments there. Hopefully that’ll get me where I need to be. Who knows maybe a 24 would work better.
Posted By: Hanley

Re: 2021 pro xs 250 - 03/15/21 08:01 PM

Try coming up on the jackplate before you throw too many props at it. I did a repower on a Triton and all the props I have tried run best at least a half in higher than they did on the previous motor.
Posted By: Alpha199

Re: 2021 pro xs 250 - 03/15/21 09:58 PM

Thanks for the info, that was what I was going to try next.
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