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What's my boat worth?

Posted By: Catfish Tim

What's my boat worth? - 01/24/21 04:15 PM

So I'm thinking about getting a new boat this spring. I talked to a salesman at Cabelas and he said don't trade it, you won't get near what you want for it. Sell it outright and then come in and buy the new one. I have a 3 year old Tracker V16WT with a 75 Merc. Good boat, I love fishing out of it but I can really only take one person with me at a time. I need something bigger so I'm looking at a pontoon. My question here is what's the boat worth? I want to sell it. I want a fair price for it, but I want to get it done fast so I can get the new boat and not be off the water.

What should I ask?
Posted By: Micheal

Re: What's my boat worth? - 01/24/21 06:00 PM

Check NADA Boat Appraisal to get a general idea of the value.
Posted By: Jimfishes

Re: What's my boat worth? - 01/24/21 06:23 PM

If the rig is a 2018 Pro Guide V16 WT, the NADA value is $13,500 low retail and $15,300 average retail without adding a bunch of options. This includes the trailer and a 75 hp engine. You decide what the condition of rig is...great, fair, poor and list price accordingly. If it is like new, I would ask $14,900 in today's boat market. You can always come down.
Posted By: Catfish Tim

Re: What's my boat worth? - 01/25/21 11:42 AM

Thank you Jim. The pricing guides have a pretty big range and that's where I struggle.
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