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02 sensor on 2004 225 ox66

Posted By: hawkeye442

02 sensor on 2004 225 ox66 - 01/07/21 05:22 PM

Hello Folks,

 I recently ordered a new o2 sensor for my YAMAHA OX66 because I found burned wires on the old one. In the process of replacing and cleaning, I removed the o2 sensor holder, I ordered a new gasket set and am a little confused as to how it all goes back together as I didn't find some of these gaskets when I took it apart. It also looked like the gasket was blown because there was oil inside the plastic cover that houses the o2 sensor, and I know it should be sealed up for the 02 sensor to properly work. I've attached a diagram that is for my engine. My question is , where does the rubber o-ring go( 44 is the 0-ring, 45 is a gasket)? I would think rubber would melt at such high temps?

any help would be appreciated.


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Posted By: boatman025

Re: 02 sensor on 2004 225 ox66 - 01/07/21 07:14 PM

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