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225 EFI help

Posted By: otrdriver2002

225 EFI help - 12/28/20 06:27 PM

Hi I just bought a used 98 225 EFI with no compression on #6 to used as a parts motor for my 95 225efi. After swapping lower units and putting a new water pump I am getting GOOD flow out the pee hole but NO water out the pressure gauge hose. On the muff or in the tub at idle or 2000 rpm. Hose is not plugged as I can blow back through it.
It should flow water when running in a tub shouldn't it?
Posted By: hopalong

Re: 225 EFI help - 12/28/20 10:25 PM

are you letting it run till warm enough to open the poppets?

is it a deep tub or a 12" wash tub type, need to be sure the water is not being aerated by the exhaust or it will suck air a lot.

have you put it in at a ramp and run it? might try that next if not.
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