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Boat cost?

Posted By: Swyt

Boat cost? - 11/18/20 03:45 AM

I haven't gone fishing since 2016. I've got a car and some $$, trying to adult a little bit. Need a outside hobby. Fishing is something I'm trying to look into. Maybe next season? I've got some rods n reels still but not much tackle. Bank fishing has always been so so. My car is limited to 2000lbs, less is surely better. I've been looking at Tracker brand boats. Their Jon and Mod V and Deep V boats. I'm not sure on the weight of the V's, might be too much for my car, but I was thinking maybe I should spend more and have something I wont outgrow as fast. Compared to a Jon boat. Can a Jon boat be use for more than fishing? Take some people out on the lake and have some fun? Maybe tubing or something?

I think I could build up a Jon boat with trailer for about $5,000. I've seen storage prices from $60 to $90+, I'm not sure if it's covered or not. A quick quote online at Progressive is about $220 for a whole year and it looks like full coverage as far as I remember. I'm sure i have to change the motor oil every once in a while, but are there any other costs I'm leaving out? Perhaps someone can guide me on this possible journey.

Posted By: steve@hydrodynamics

Re: Boat cost? - 11/18/20 03:21 PM

the metal boat market has sky rocketed over the last 4-5 years. mostly due to the price of the fiber glass boats going up as much as they have.

i am a Legend Craft dealer. i have a 16' boat with custom trailer for 6395.00 plus ttl .. brand new.
so , that gives you an idea of the starting prices on new metal boats.

lot's of guys fish, play and hunt out of these boats. great all around boats for smaller lakes, rivers, etc. just be careful on big lakes ...lol
Posted By: 1442

Re: Boat cost? - 11/20/20 12:08 PM

Annual registration of the boat through TPWD and for the trailer with the Department of transportation
Posted By: Bruce Allen

Re: Boat cost? - 11/20/20 04:12 PM

Lots of used boats out there. I've bought 5 in my lifetime and have not been disappointed with any of them.
Posted By: Swyt

Re: Boat cost? - 11/23/20 03:03 AM

How much does registration cost for boat and trailer? Does it depend on what you have? On craigslist, I have seen a couple used boats $5000-$8000 and they look pretty nice. But they are almost as old as me or older. (90's boats) But they lack details on weight, so I don't know if I could tow them. Does anyone have any lists on maintenance costs for their boat/trailer? Is a boat that old something to avoid? These in the pictures look like they could be brand new, but I've seen boats that look like they belong in a junk yard, at similar age. Maybe I could repair a project boat or something. (I blame youtube for that idea) Steve, what is a boat like that outfitted with?
Posted By: steve@hydrodynamics

Re: Boat cost? - 11/23/20 04:53 PM

BOAT:16' and over.. 53.00
27.00 title fee
Motor: 27.00 title

trailer: 59.75 registration. 28.00 title, (over 6k lbs adds 16.50)

sales tax is 6.25%

SWYT.. i have a couple of alum boats in stock now. boat starting at around 4495 and up t0 20K for a fully rigged brand new setup that is lake ready.
there are so many options available on these metal boats now.. you can pretty much have anything built for them.
Posted By: TritonRob

Re: Boat cost? - 11/29/20 02:14 AM

In my opinion owning a boat will never be a one time purchase price and that's it. There will always be something either needing repair or upgrade so the cost will never end. You have to take into account engine maintenance, Trailer maintenance, tires, jacks, winches, batteries...etc. the list seems to never end. At least not for me anyway...
Posted By: TGalyon1

Re: Boat cost? - 12/02/20 05:35 PM

Acronym BOAT Break Out Another Thousand. Like triton stated you will never be finished buy or paying for things with boats. PFD, fire extinguisher, anchor and rope tires for trailer storage I have had several (5) in my life any would not give it up for any thing' but you need to ready to spend some $$. If you have the cash you can get more boat for your money if you buy used. lot of folks buy boats use them the first year less the second and even less the third year. You said something about tubing. Yes you can if your boat and motor are large enough . You can not tube behind a 12 foot jon boat with a 15 hp motor.
At this time I have a 20 foot CC; 14 foot alum v with a 8 hp and a kayak that I dont use much. I would not even think about getting rid of any one of them.
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