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Skeeter/ Yamaha questions

Posted By: tangledup3

Skeeter/ Yamaha questions - 09/05/20 07:20 PM

O7 225zx with an 06 hpdi Vmax. First question is would anyone know why the engine would bog down to a limp mode only when full throttle getting on plane and the temperature light comes on as well. As soon as I let off and gradually get on plane there is no problem. Motor is peeing fine and water pressure is between 15 to 18 ish. Motor does not do this any other time even at wot going down the lake. Only to get on plane. My other issue is my boat just started taking on water. Enough that the auto bulge pump kicks on about once an hour. Gonna order a new drain plug to see if that helps but thought maybe someone has had these same issues and could give me some suggestions . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any input or ideas.
Posted By: Txfiremn

Re: Skeeter/ Yamaha questions - 09/07/20 02:14 PM

As far as the motor goes, I really can't help besides saying check all filters. With the boat taking on that much water, have you checked that the hull and cap are securely together? I had to have Skeeter tighten and caulk mine back together at the transom.
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