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Top mount throttle adjustments?

Posted By: Stump jumper

Top mount throttle adjustments? - 06/01/20 12:57 AM

I read on another forum that the detent and friction adjustments are behind the lever but I did not see them when I had my cover off yesterday. Do you have to remove the lever?
Posted By: Stump jumper

Re: Top mount throttle adjustments? - 06/03/20 01:28 AM

I had the cover off because my throttle is hitting the radio cover. I put a new one on a while back and it might be a little taller then the old one. I thought I had the box adjusted so the back side is low enough. On Saturday I opened the cover and gained a 1/2" of throttle along with 4-5 mph and several hundred rpms. If i need to tilt the box back more I will need to enlarge the cutout. Other option is to raise it with a plastic shim. Both will be a pain in the butt. Right now I need about 1/4" so I am wondering if I can get that on the engine side without affecting anything else.
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