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Yamaha VMax 225 (2006)

Posted By: westtexgolfer

Yamaha VMax 225 (2006) - 03/19/20 06:08 PM

We have a 225 yamaha vmax on a 2006 ranger. It has issues but really need to know what would cause it to just click when trying to start. If we bypass the relay it will crank no problem but when using the keypad the starter engages but does not spin.

It seems the starter would not engage at all if it was the starting relay but could it be a power supply issue from the battery to starter
Posted By: westtexgolfer

Re: Yamaha VMax 225 (2006) - 03/19/20 09:15 PM

We replaced the battery and it still does the same thing. Upon entering the code and pressing start whether the starter is connected or not it simply clicks on and off like something is forcing it to not start. Anyone have any ideas?
Posted By: lurenthewind

Re: Yamaha VMax 225 (2006) - 03/21/20 02:28 PM

First, pull the spark plugs and make sure the motor is not locked up since it is both easy and free.

Secnd, I would replace the relays because it is easy and cheap. My Yamaha VZ225 has two relays, replace both of them if it has two.

Third, check with a volt meter to see if the starter is seeing 12v with the key in the start position. Also, watch the started bendix when the key is turned to the start position. It should jump upwards and engage the teeth on the flywheel. If it is getting 12v, the starter should free spin even if the bendix is not engaging the flywheel properly. If neither is happening, you have a problem with the starter or the wiring

Fourth, I would pull the starter off the boat and have it tested. It could be something simple like the bendix or a more serious starter failure.

If all that checks out, I would start trying to find a wiring gremlin, most likely a ground.

Posted By: westtexgolfer

Re: Yamaha VMax 225 (2006) - 03/21/20 09:53 PM

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