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Critter ate my wiring

Posted By: Greg W

Critter ate my wiring - 02/18/20 04:10 AM

My boat is at Fork so looking for recommendation for someone to help me get this fixed. At first I thought it was just in one place and I rewired that, but that only fixed one side. When I looked at it closer, critter ate a long segment that I can't easily get to. Guess is they'll have to pull new wiring through.

Anyway, anyone know a good place around Fork that could do this work? And I hope this critter dies a slow painful death.
Posted By: Alumacraft 14

Re: Critter ate my wiring - 02/18/20 05:09 AM

Better start looking for nesting or it will continue to happen. Mixture of cayenne pepper water and liquid soap sprayed on the wires will keep them from chewing more.
Posted By: boatman025

Re: Critter ate my wiring - 02/18/20 02:39 PM

Service Marine also need to put moth balls in boat
Posted By: gary purdy

Re: Critter ate my wiring - 02/18/20 03:16 PM

Moth balls and fabric softener sheets don`t effect the cats, mice and rats we have. Peppermint spray mixture works well
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