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96 Mercury 175 vs 92 Yamaha 150

Posted By: fuwfriend

96 Mercury 175 vs 92 Yamaha 150 - 11/28/19 02:10 AM

I have 2 bass boats one of them I have had for a couple of years now (86 Champion / 92 Yamaha 150 saltwater series carbureted) I just bought a 92 Champion / 96 Mercury 175 carbureted). The Yama still has the oil injection system and works fine and runs on non ethanol fuel w/ amzoil synthetic oil, runs strong, quick start up. The Merc has the oil injection deleted, the Merc looks like they upsized the crossover water cooling hose line from head to head on the top of the block. Quick start up, runs strong, Pennzoil synthetic oil.

Otherwise that's all I know about both motors, the question I have based on the year and make which of the 2 motors is most desirable.

I'm wanting to pair up the favored motor with the 92 Champion and sell off the 86 Champion with the other motor.

I have heard that Merc got better and more reliable in the 90's but when in the 90's, what year ?

Do I own a desirable year of the Merc or not.

I'm looking for any thoughts on both motors as far as which one is more desirable, reliable, dependable.


Posted By: Dognot

Re: 96 Mercury 175 vs 92 Yamaha 150 - 12/11/19 11:27 PM

I have a 96 mercury 150 HP, carburated I bought it with 18 hrs on it, It still has the oil injection on it. I have run Amsoil in it for the last 10 yrs. IMO it is almost bullet proof.

I have never done anything outside water pumps and spark plugs and filters.
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