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Jackplate Install

Posted By: D Egge

Jackplate Install - 11/13/19 02:20 PM

Hey ya'll,
I think a jackplate on my 2006 Nitro 482 might solve my problems with the boat leaning when coming on/off plane. I've tried different props and currently have a Mercury 5 blade 20p on it. That solved most of my issues, but of course dropped my top speed to 43mph.
What I am asking is how big and what brand? Hydrolic or manual? What I should check first? Steering cables etc...... Where to take it? I don't have a motor lift to do it....
Posted By: boatman025

Re: Jackplate Install - 11/13/19 02:43 PM

call Steve at Hydro Dynamics its a great Jack plate
Posted By: steve@hydrodynamics

Re: Jackplate Install - 11/13/19 03:30 PM

i make the rapid jack's here and i do installs, and can set your prop shaft height.
i'm in quitman,tx


let me know if i can help you
Posted By: texcajun

Re: Jackplate Install - 11/19/19 03:00 PM

You can't go wrong with a hydraulic jackplate. It will allow you to fine tune your performance on the fly as well as easily make adjustments for load changes. Just about the best money you can spend on any boat.
Posted By: boatman025

Re: Jackplate Install - 11/19/19 07:16 PM

we can do both just let me know
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