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Battery charging rate

Posted By: pocove

Battery charging rate - 10/16/19 08:58 PM

What is the best Amperage to use to charge trolling motor batteries. Is it better to charge at 4 amps till fully charged or 10 - 15 amps till fully charged?
Posted By: Larry Mosby

Re: Battery charging rate - 10/16/19 09:21 PM

A slower charge is better. 10 amps or more is a fast rate of charge and I wouldn't recommend it for your trolling batteries. I have an onboard charger on both my boats and it usually takes a few hours to reach full charge. Normally I leave my on board plugged in until I'm read to pull the boat out of the shop and go to the lake. It's automatic so it won't over charge and saves you from forgetting to go plug it in the night before that way.
Posted By: T Bird

Re: Battery charging rate - 10/17/19 03:26 PM

Best bet is to use a multi stage charger like a Dual Pro series charger. It senses the condition of the battery and supplies the correct charging amperage between 1 and 15 amps.http://www.dualpro.com/product/professional-series/

If your charger is a single stage unit you will have to monitor the battery condition closely to prevent overcharging regardless of the amp output. Nothing wrong with using 10-15 amp charge rate. Just have to monitor it.
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