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Boat Electrician

Posted By: Rayzor

Boat Electrician - 08/25/19 08:36 PM

I am having some screwy electrical issues with things being on when that shouldn't be. Does anyone know a boat electrician?

Thank you!
Posted By: Stump jumper

Re: Boat Electrician - 08/26/19 05:38 PM

Do you have a Lowrance LSS box? The trigger went bad on mine. I was pulling my hair out because the lights on the box are hard to see. I also had the main power switch go bad close to the same time. The indicator light would stay lit even in the off position. I ended up just switching the red lead on my LSS box and leaving the yellow wire disconnected. It is amazing how fast a LSS can drain a battery.
Posted By: Rayzor

Re: Boat Electrician - 08/26/19 10:22 PM

No. There is a short somewhere. Lights that should be off are on, the radio keeps turning itself on, etc.
Posted By: Burbarry

Re: Boat Electrician - 08/26/19 11:13 PM

You might take a look under the dash. I almost had mine catch fire on the lake. Person before me just kept tapping into one wire causing too much current for the ground. I’ve since rewired the whole boat. It took sometime but worth it.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Rayzor

Re: Boat Electrician - 08/27/19 02:12 AM

Burbarry - I will be delving into this nightmare this week. I HATE electrical issues.

Thank you!
Posted By: rb7764

Re: Boat Electrician - 08/27/19 03:11 AM

Rayzor - I completely rewired a similar Triton a few years ago. Overall, it is simple. I would guess that something has shorted behind the switch control panel on the dash or behind the fuse panel. Look closely before you being removing wires. You may be able to see it. If not, you can get a detailed wiring diagram from Triton if the one underneath your bilge cover is no longer readable. I would also look for vermin droppings and they can chew through wires and cause these sorts of issues. Fortunately, all marine wiring is color standardized. For example, all lighting is blue and blue/black. The radio is most likely on an accessory circuit. You will need to check the wire color of that circuit. Tracing those wires should point you in the right direction.
Posted By: T-racer @ Mallard Marine

Re: Boat Electrician - 08/27/19 12:03 PM

If you need help and you’re close come see us anytime! I spent enough money on the snap on truck and with mercury to have enough electrical diagnostic gadgets to come out my ears. So feel free to take advantage!
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