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pucker factor

Posted By: smooth move

pucker factor - 07/21/19 10:08 PM

had to change my shorts the other day. lowered my boat in the slings to fuel up. when raising it back up i noticed a noise and that one pulley wasn't turning. i stepped up onto the gunnel and reached up and helped the pulley turn. it turned easily. i reached up again and just as i touched it there was a huge bang and the boat fell out from under me , about 4' into the water. i fell into the boat and wasn't hurt, but it tightened my pincher muscles pretty seriously.. the chain drive from the lift motor to the pipe drive broke at the master link. bought a new chain and link and repositioned the pulley to a different angle. everything back to normal now, but jeez it scared me.

Re: pucker factor - 07/21/19 10:16 PM

Shoulda bought a lottery ticket, your lucky day. 50 things could of went wrong on that deal. thumb
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