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Express boats

Posted By: KingOutdoorsCo

Express boats - 06/13/19 08:00 PM

Does anyone else have trouble getting any fishing done when all you have time to do is keep adjusting the position of the boat in the wind. Very little wind and its all over the place. Let me know how you solved the problem. Tks, Gary
Posted By: 176champ

Re: Express boats - 06/13/19 11:03 PM

Minn kota Ultrex trolling motor. Ive tried everything on my Xpress and nothing worked. My brother in-law put one on his G3. I fished with him this weekend on Palestine in the wind right in middle of lake, and I loved it. I was about ready to sell my boat and go back to a fiberglass boat. I'll be putting one on my X19 next month.
Posted By: Damnyankee

Re: Express boats - 06/13/19 11:12 PM

If I know where I want to fish, Iíll drop anchors off the front and back with bow pointed into the wind if possible. Fishing this way pretty much forces me to fish slow, Ive caught my biggest fish this way. I prefer how light my x18 is since I can get away with relatively light anchors. Iíll use my talon if Iím shallow enough. I donít usually run and gun like a lot of others. You can try to leave troller on continuous and match the wind speed, Aside from anchors or a spot lock tm, not a whole lot of options. A drift sock would work, but if your bass fishing it probably wouldnít be the best option.
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