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Curado Noise Issue

Posted By: duck dogs

Curado Noise Issue - 02/16/15 09:56 PM

I have a couple of the old green curados (CU-200) that make a really high pitched squeel sound when I cast but it only happens when it's cold and after it gets a little wet. I assume this is the bearing or something. However, I have cleaned and oiled per the instructions and it doesn't help. Again it doesn't do it the first couple casts, only after there's a little moisture from making a few casts and also only when it's less than 55 degrees or so. Any idea on what I should replace or oil better?

Posted By: 03svtsnakevert

Re: Curado Noise Issue - 02/17/15 02:42 AM

replace the spool shims in the reel...that should take care of it
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