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Nostalgia - Part 2

Posted By: gt2003

Nostalgia - Part 2 - 10/29/21 05:51 PM

I enjoyed working on the Daiwa PMF1000 so much I decided I needed another project. I picked up this REALLY NICE Daiwa Procaster Prolite 100 (PL-100) on ebay. Excuse the dirt in the pics, I hadn't started the cleanup when these pics were taken. So far I've cleaned and relubed the worm gear/line guide and replaced the bushings with abec 7 bearings. I'm deer hunting tomorrow but plan to have the gear side taken down, cleaned, relubed and the drag washer replaced with a carbontex one before the weekend is over. I am on the outlook for a VERY NICE Shimano Bantam 1000. Once I re-do one of those, i think my Nostalgia 'kick' will be over with. Thanks for looking. Hope this brings back some good memories for some folks.

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Posted By: gt2003

Re: Nostalgia - Part 2 - 11/01/21 03:25 PM

Reel service complete. Everything inside was in great shape. The only issue I had was the old drag washer. I'm not sure what material it was but it was like someone had glued it to the main gear. I doubt it was glue but I literally had to work at it for close to an hour before I was able to scrape and chip out all the pieces. I tried lubricating it, using coleman fuel to breakdown whatever was on there etc. I finally got all the pieces off and was able to replace the drag with the carbontex. Reel went back together nicely. Now looking for an older 6' Medium action, IM6 graphite rod to put it on. Project #2 complete.

I think my final Retro project will be a Shimano Bantam 1000. Looking on ebay but don't seem to be able to find one in really nice condition for what I'm wanting to spend but definitely keeping my eyes open!
Posted By: herbsteiner

Re: Nostalgia - Part 2 - 11/09/21 01:06 AM

I still have my Bantam 1000 that I bought brand new in 1982, for the whopping price of... One hundred dollars!!

I still have a couple Bantam 100s as well. They've become collectibles.
Posted By: gt2003

Re: Nostalgia - Part 2 - 11/09/21 07:05 PM

Great reels Herb! I took this one out in the front yard and was throwing a tiny 1/8 oz buzzbait with it and it was easy to throw. Can't wait to get it out on the water. I ordered a new main gear since I marred the old one getting the old drag washer out. It will be good to go once I get that put in.
Posted By: TxDanFishMan

Re: Nostalgia - Part 2 - 12/24/21 07:46 PM

A couple of nice Diawa reels you have there.
It's fun to collect to vintage reels but believe me it can get addictive.
Posted By: gt2003

Re: Nostalgia - Part 2 - 12/27/21 02:26 PM

Thanks Dan. I took both out to my neighborhood pond yesterday and caught fish on both. Both functioned flawlessly.

I get what you are saying. I've got the 2 Mitchell 300's and the 2 Daiwa's so far. Looking for a REALLY NICE Bantam 1000 but they're hard to find. Patience!
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