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Redneck Shimano Hack

Posted By: prosise

Redneck Shimano Hack - 06/21/21 07:50 AM

Since I have been holed up at the house healing from shoulder surgery, I have been able to rebuild some of my reels and a friends. Put together my Redneck Shimano Hack video to share. Will work on any reel bearing in the larger sizes, thought it was time to share.. Hope you enjoy, and "no" i will not do your reel.. I just finished 7 of mine, and 8 for a friend.. Still have 11 of mine and many frommy buddy.. Have 4 more weeks of healing. Waiting on parts for a couple of reels, but this will extend the life of a reel for a long time. I like open bearings, as they are easier to clean/lube..


Posted By: Russ C

Re: Redneck Shimano Hack - 07/11/21 12:36 AM

awesome, thanks for the video I have a several of these reels
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