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Rod Repair Help

Posted By: TOMCAT21

Rod Repair Help - 05/14/21 02:27 AM

The outer reel lock nut separated from the inner reel locking mechanism on my rod. While trying to reassemble with Gorilla Glue the lock nut got stuck only halfway on. Does anyone have any ideas on how to loosen the grip of the Gorilla Glue? Also, any rod repair suggestions in the Fort Worth area.
Posted By: hopalong

Re: Rod Repair Help - 05/31/21 11:35 PM

reel time rods at fork is where I would send it, I haven't found anything that will remove gorilla glue once it dries.

might try cutting it with an exacto knife with a sharp point on it.
Posted By: TOMCAT21

Re: Rod Repair Help - 05/31/21 11:39 PM

Thanks. I’ve tried acetone. Now trying exacto knife. I’m beginning to think I need professional help. 🤪
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