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Value of a New-Old-Stock Penn Senator 113H?

Posted By: IslandJim

Value of a New-Old-Stock Penn Senator 113H? - 12/06/20 06:45 PM

I acquired an old red Penn Special Senator 113H from about 1978(?), that has never been on a rod. It was spooled with mono and given to my nephew's grandfather on his retirement. He was not a fisherman and was left-handed, so this reel sat in his closet till he passed and my nephew found it. It is in the original box, with the wrench, the rod clamps and bolts, and the Instructions(copyrighted 1976). The reel needs to be serviced before any use, as the drag washer grease is gummy. The reel is pristine.

I have a 6-foot Daiwa Beef Stick rod that would match well with the reel, but don't want to de-value the NIB situation by putting it on the rod.

Any ideas about what this reel is worth? I don't want to put up with the Craigslist scammers and flakes to find out. I can e-mail pics, if anyone is interested. I have it in Rockport, TX.

Thanks, IslandJim Stay safe!
Posted By: tmd11111

Re: Value of a New-Old-Stock Penn Senator 113H? - 12/06/20 07:01 PM

Those old Penn's were built by the thousands and are still in use today. The Special Senator was made from the early 60's till mid 80's. Doubtful there's much collector value but would make a good show piece. Take a look at ebay, plenty in good shape with prices ranging from $20-80.
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