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Tatula vs Fuego

Posted By: 603Country

Tatula vs Fuego - 05/22/20 04:50 PM

Well, sure enough, as good as the Fuego is, the Tatula SV TW is better. I can fling baits with that Tatula an amazing distance, and no tendency to backlash. Both are smooth, but the more expensive Tatula is smoother. Things were going so well, having caught two bass in our pond, I called the wife over. Told her this new reel was hard to backlash, and maybe she’d like to try it. She resisted, but then decided to have a go. Brother, she put a backlash on there that was world class. Never seen a worse one. I had to cut most of the line (15 minutes old) off the reel and restring it.

So...let it be known that the Tatula CAN be backlashed. That said, I sure like the reel.
Posted By: herbsteiner

Re: Tatula vs Fuego - 05/22/20 09:33 PM

I don't believe technology has yet created anything that can't be screwed up by a determined human. Just sayin'... laugh

Congrats on the Tatula. I used one that a neighbor owns and it felt smooth and comfortable.
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