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Inshore combo recommendations?

Posted By: Tundah

Inshore combo recommendations? - 05/18/20 12:03 AM

About To make the transition to salt from longtime bass fishing. Will start from bank/shore/jetty etc but will likely go the kayak route later this year.

That said looking for recommendations on two sets of rods/reels. Figure one on the medium lighter side and the other Heavier. Looking to spend $250-$300 per combo. Appreciate any ideas and specifics in advance!
Posted By: smooth move

Re: Inshore combo recommendations? - 05/18/20 01:55 AM

i would use my bass gear until i knew exactly what i wanted. bass guys tend to use heavier sticks and lures, but that gear will work fine in the salt. i have some freshwater reels that are 10-12 yrs old that i use in saltwater. i just take good care of them and they hold up well.
Posted By: JackMason

Re: Inshore combo recommendations? - 05/19/20 03:43 AM

Two of my favorite reels are a Daiwa Coastal TW and Lew's SS Inshore. I've got them both paired with Duckett Ghosts MH7. Check them out.
Posted By: Tundah

Re: Inshore combo recommendations? - 05/19/20 02:51 PM

Will do thanks for the suggestions!
Posted By: Marc-62

Re: Inshore combo recommendations? - 05/19/20 07:47 PM

Falcon Coastal clear water rod SWS-7ML with an Alvey Orbiter SR-60. This is my medium light set up.
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