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Rod handle wrap/tape

Posted By: Blue Blazer 2400

Rod handle wrap/tape - 09/16/19 04:43 PM

I have a cork handle rod that is a little thin and slick for my liking. I was thinking about adding a wrap or tape to make it feel better. I have never done this. Anyone recommend a certain product?
Posted By: boocat

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 09/16/19 08:52 PM

There is the fancy stuff made for rods from places like bass pro or you go cheap with some vet wrap from tractor supply or walmart.
Posted By: BillS2006

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 09/17/19 12:39 PM

Winn Rod wrap.

Posted By: Jeff From Iowa

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 09/25/19 08:51 PM

I got the shrink wrap handle stuff off amazon or ebay, Its the same thing tws sells but much cheaper and sold by the foot. It does ad a little weight. I used it on my nrx rods that the cork was just too slippery.
Posted By: MV

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 09/28/19 02:07 AM

winn is good. also a pro was talking about tennis racket wrap. haven't tried it yet,
Posted By: smooth move

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 09/28/19 01:50 PM

i use the bat wrap from academy. about $5. has a little padding too.
Posted By: H2O Seeker

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 09/29/19 02:22 PM

Originally Posted by smooth move
i use the bat wrap from academy. about $5. has a little padding too.

^^This works well.
Posted By: 44 Diesel

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 09/29/19 04:20 PM

I wrap
Originally Posted by MV
winn is good. also a pro was talking about tennis racket wrap. haven't tried it yet,

I wrap all mine with Gamma tennis racket grip. Pretty cheap and can get different colors. I can do 2- 3 (TFO) rods with 1 roll. You will have to re - wrap from time to time
Posted By: jvc58dke

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 10/01/19 02:44 AM

I bought some used Loomis NRX rods that had the winn grip wrap on them. I don't like foam grips and was hesitant about the winn grips. I actually like the feel of them but I have pretty big hands so the extra diameter feels good so I have left them on for now. That being said I don't like them well enough to put them on top of the cork on my other rods. If you are looking for more diameter in the handle I think the winn grip wrap is a pretty good option but I as for feel I still prefer the cork.
Posted By: "Old School"

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 10/02/19 05:25 PM

For sweaty hands on cork and the black foam grips, I use tennis racket gauze tape. Found some at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Under $5 and I wrapped 8 rods with it.
Posted By: IslandJim

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 10/22/19 02:20 AM

I used bicycle handlebar tape on my kayak paddle. Sticky-backed, cushioned, vinyl and waterproof. If I hadn't lost(misplaced) it, I'd put it on my baitcaste( s) grips. Hard to find. Had to order it from a bike shop in San Francisco. No bike shops in the Coastal Bend had it. IslandJim
Posted By: MinMirny

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 10/24/19 04:40 PM

[Linked Image]
My choice: cheap, easy, washable and very pleasant feel.
Posted By: Agape

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 01/11/20 12:32 AM

Solo MM what was the wrap you used ?
Posted By: CCTX

Re: Rod handle wrap/tape - 01/13/20 03:26 AM

Love this stuff. Self fuses (no need for adhesive). Water proof. Tacky, but not too sticky
Great for repairs, very versatile

Widely available at all wmarts in the hardware section

[Linked Image]
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