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Minn Kota ulterra?

Posted By: Fishinsoap

Minn Kota ulterra? - 02/19/15 11:12 PM

how is it going to work on a bass boat if it has to hang over the edge? I know when I launch mine with the i pilot I have to slide it back so it doesn't hit the roller? If I have to do that then self deploy seems useless. I'm not knocking it because I like the idea but just doesn't seem logical for a bass boat. Please inform me if I'm missing something here. Have a good day and fish on.
Posted By: Diel11

Re: Minn Kota ulterra? - 02/19/15 11:25 PM

I have a bay boat and I have to do the same thing with my Terrova. If I don't slide it back it will hit the bow roller on steep ramps. I think we'll have to do the same thing with the Ulterra. Slide it forward after launching then auto deploy from there on. We just won't be able to do what they do in the commercial.
Posted By: BlueTuna

Re: Minn Kota ulterra? - 02/20/15 12:57 AM

I have the slide max mount. When I trailer my boat I have to slide the trolling motor back. Once you slide the motor forward it is done until you have to load a boat back on the trailer. It is literally a 10 second operation.
Posted By: Allan W

Re: Minn Kota ulterra? - 02/20/15 02:14 AM

R&R makes the sliding mount that Skeeter uses. It is a clean mount. They are in Tyler
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