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Updating Helix 9 DI G3

Posted By: LeonSulak

Updating Helix 9 DI G3 - 11/22/21 10:07 PM

Good afternoon, I’m having issues updating my unit and could use some help. After I download onto a 32 GB class 10 card, I entered into my unit and it will not read the download. All it says is card successfully encrypted. That’s after I haven’t turned off turn it back on. Any ideas?
Posted By: Dayne

Re: Updating Helix 9 DI G3 - 11/23/21 12:12 AM

If it is in a zip file you will have to unzip it.
Posted By: JIM SR.

Re: Updating Helix 9 DI G3 - 11/23/21 04:01 PM


Try this...
Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: Updating Helix 9 DI G3 - 11/24/21 01:34 PM

Humminbird units automatically put an Encrypt folder on an unlocked memory card. It has nothing to do with software updates.
AFTER the unit does the Encrypt thing, remove the card and re-insert it and the software will load IF you have the correct download that matches your unit.

The Encrypt folder is for the downloading of a Chart Select map purchase.
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