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Custom boat cover recommendations

Posted By: Jonny206

Custom boat cover recommendations - 08/07/21 08:18 PM

Good Day, looking for recommendations for having a custom boat cover made in the Fort Worth area, I don’t need a towable cover, just a light color cover that will keep the sun off the boat and reflect the heat, currently have to park the boat outside in the driveway. My towable cover is black and some days I think you could cook dinner on it. I’m new to Texas, so any information is greatly appreciated, seems like every storage place I call is full. I’m located in the Roanoke area.
Thanks in advance
Posted By: Holzer

Re: Custom boat cover recommendations - 08/09/21 06:09 PM

If you get to the point of willing to drive to the San Antonio area, I have a recommendation.
Posted By: IKELEVI

Re: Custom boat cover recommendations - 09/01/21 11:02 PM

Just a thought but I got mine from Amazon. Found it used like new section. Stuff people open and send back. Got a great deal.
Posted By: bloo_rainger

Re: Custom boat cover recommendations - 10/11/21 12:38 AM

In the past people have recommended someone out of Ft. Worth that would come to you and sow a new cover up I don’t know who that was but I’m looking for them as well.

Anybody know who that is?
Posted By: hopalong

Re: Custom boat cover recommendations - 10/11/21 04:33 PM

ordered mine from here, got the carver brand and it is better quality than I expected. sunbrella material and can be towed. they have 2 other brands as well.

supposed to be custom fit but mine is pretty loose, tightens up good with both seats in though.

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