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Minnkota Charger

Posted By: jackwagon

Minnkota Charger - 07/13/21 02:59 AM

Need someone to confirm this is correct. I have a 3 bank charger. i have battery 1 12v cranking for motor. I have battery 2 & 3 12v wired in series for 24v to run trolling motor. i have all 3 banks hooked up to the batteries with red on positive and black on negative. It seems logical and was wired like this when i bought the bought. is this right. I attached a picture to show.

Backstory....I did not charge my batteries after last trip a month ago (yes, dumb) and the trolling batteries were very low. I hooked the charger up at night and in the morning i noticed i had two green lights and one red light. The red light was on one of my trolling batteries. Got to the lake and trolling motor would not work. I disconnected the bad trolling battery and ran on 12v. Got home and took the bad battery out to charge manually on a regular charger. When i hooked it up it said the clamps were reversed. Weird. I took it to Autozone to check and sure enough the guy got the same error. He switched the clamps backwards and said the battery got reverse polarity somehow. The positive and negative switched poles. Does anyone have a thought on this. I am going to buy a new battery and keep it wired like i have it but want to make sure i am not doing something wrong to cause this...

thanks in advance for any input.


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Posted By: dobbin

Re: Minnkota Charger - 07/13/21 03:24 AM

Mine is hooked just like yours. The only thing different I would do is buy 2 batteries as if 1 is replaced the older battery will draw the new one down to it's level. This makes the new battery not last as long as it would if you replace both batteries.
Posted By: SteezMacQueen

Re: Minnkota Charger - 07/13/21 12:52 PM

It’s wired correctly. The problem was exacerbated by not plugging in the charger as soon as you got back to the house…..and leaving it plugged in.
Posted By: jackwagon

Re: Minnkota Charger - 07/14/21 11:27 AM

Thanks for the input Dob and Steez.
Posted By: Oldrabbit

Re: Minnkota Charger - 07/19/21 12:05 AM

Sorry you had battery problems, but it makes me feel better that I am not a crazy as I thought I might be. I had a 6 volt rechargeable one that did the same thing. I let them run down in a battery powered lantern and when I tried to charged both batteries in the lantern, one of them swapped polarity. Didn't know they could do this until this year.
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