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Ultrex with pilot question

Posted By: WAWI

Ultrex with pilot question - 07/12/21 01:05 PM

So new boat came with ultrex with pilot which has what I assume to be the internal ducer cable and another cable that I believe is to hook into the humingbird unit and they are run in a stupid place and are getting cut. I run garmin and dont use the internal transducer on the ultrex. I'm assuming since there is no juice running through these wires there is no threat to the board on the ultrex etc and I shouldn't worry. Am I right? It's really a stupid placement of wires.
Posted By: SteezMacQueen

Re: Ultrex with pilot question - 07/13/21 12:54 PM

You are right. You can take the cover off the head and there is room in there to put both wires. The longer iPilot wire is a tough fit, but it will fit. Coil it up and cram it in there.
Posted By: WAWI

Re: Ultrex with pilot question - 07/14/21 01:54 AM

Thankyou mr steez
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