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Saltwater boat for down lakes

Posted By: Aquaman02

Saltwater boat for down lakes - 07/01/21 01:24 AM

Retiring from the Navy soon and will be Moving to Fort Worth soon and I have a 22 and a 1/2 foot cuddy cabin with a 3ft draft. It is a v hull with an optimax 225. My question is if it will be fine in most dfw surrounding lakes. wasn't sure if I need to sell it and get something smaller. I have been a saltwater guy in Florida. aquaman03@hotmail.com
Posted By: FlyFX

Re: Saltwater boat for down lakes - 07/01/21 11:33 AM

Welcome to the forum and Texas.
You will be fine on most of the NTX lakes, a quick search of marina photos will show what diverse size of boats used..
All are impoundments which means lumber in the shallower water. Sonar and lake maps are your friend. You will have plenty of usable water.
Most of the lakes have 20 - 100' depth not including shore area and are more acres than you can cover in a day or 3.
Also look at TPWD for all fishing hunting info.
I understand the concern coming from salt to fresh, the unknown so to speak.

Posted By: Coolarrow

Re: Saltwater boat for down lakes - 07/01/21 01:09 PM

Welcome! I’m not around the Dallas area but I’ve seen Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend too many times where I would have rather been in a boat like yours! Some of theses lakes get rough when the wind is right. Those north west winds howl in the winter months and south really blow at times too! Lots of water to enjoy!
Posted By: Stump jumper

Re: Saltwater boat for down lakes - 07/05/21 05:59 PM

I would sell it and buy a Bay Boat or other CC. I can fish shallow in my Champ and it handles the rough stuff.
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