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Sun glasses

Posted By: worm weight

Sun glasses - 06/18/21 02:49 AM

Where is the best place to get good prescription sunglasses?
Posted By: Coolarrow

Re: Sun glasses - 06/18/21 11:56 AM

Man every time I priced them I decided to not get them.. I wear solar shield over glasses. I just can’t cough up the 600 to 700 dollars. I know if I did something would happen to them anyway. Lol good luck finding some! There are places you can order them from.
Posted By: hopalong

Re: Sun glasses - 06/18/21 12:54 PM

I got amphibias for about 450.00 if I remember right. single vision rx.

really likin them.

if you are a veteran, take your rx to the bonham va and check what they have, I got a pr. of bifocal no line for about 275.00 or so and they are as good as the amphibias (got the amphibias with a coupon I won on one of the guess the weight threads on here).
Posted By: Holzer

Re: Sun glasses - 06/18/21 04:52 PM

Oakley has a prescription sun glasses services.
Just go into any Oakley dealer and pick out the frames, provide the script and they'll order for you.
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