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Jig skirts???

Posted By: Forkin fool

Jig skirts??? - 06/15/21 01:22 AM

Any recommendations for jig skirt companies? Sick of TW being out of every color i want. I would prefer a local TX company if there is one. Thanks
Posted By: Flip-n-go

Re: Jig skirts??? - 06/15/21 03:10 AM

I've been happy with the color selection & prices from heavy metal. TFF member, good company to deal with, fast shipping. thumb
Posted By: Dayne

Re: Jig skirts??? - 06/15/21 10:15 AM

I buy from www.fishingskirts.com
Posted By: jwcromer

Re: Jig skirts??? - 06/15/21 11:21 PM

Originally Posted by Dayne

Posted By: Forkin fool

Re: Jig skirts??? - 06/17/21 01:25 AM

Fishing skirts is just what I needed! Thanks fellas!
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