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Terrova output tube liner

Posted By: SAdoc

Terrova output tube liner - 12/31/20 06:42 PM

I noticed last week that the plastic bushing ( output tube liner) in the top of the steering box on my 2018 Terrova is cracked/breaking. I found the part online for $3, but I’m not sure of how big of a PITA it is to change. It looks like a pretty flimsy design.
The nearest Minn Kota service center is about a hour away.
Anyone ever change one of these?
Posted By: xse

Re: Terrova output tube liner - 01/02/21 03:25 PM

it will cost roughly 200 to get that part put in, you can however cut a piece of pvc and cover that collar , glue it in place. there will need to be a slot cut in the pvc so the part the engages the the motor will slide in and engage.
Posted By: SAdoc

Re: Terrova output tube liner - 01/03/21 11:51 PM

Thanks. It’s just missing a small chunk at the top on one side. I may try the PVC until I can get it replaced
Posted By: SAdoc

Re: Terrova output tube liner - 01/10/21 02:39 AM

I ordered the part online and was going to do It myself, but couldn’t find a good video or instructions. I dropped it off at Boerne marine on Monday and they called me Thursday saying it was ready. They were fine with using the part I got online and it was $102 out the door. Cheaper and quicker than I expected and they seemed like nice guys.
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