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E-Z Hitch tongue plate

Posted By: BAR

E-Z Hitch tongue plate - 09/18/20 07:13 PM

There used to be a "thing" called an E-Z Hitch. Basically the part on the vehicle was a spoon with a self-locking ball socket. You installed a plate that had a ball for the trailer tongue and a ball with a female thread facing downward. So there is a ball sticking down from the trailer tongue. You set the trailer ball at the same height as the spoon on the receiver. The trailer ball rides up the spoon, drops into the hole and the latch shuts. It was a great system and I'm not sure what happened to these. I have the receiver part but I took a trailer to a boat shop and he told me not to worry about the plate on the tongue, that he could still move the trailer around. When I went to pick it up, someone took the tongue plate off my trailer and it is lost. Does anyone have a tongue plate for this for sale, or can someone make one for me? I can't even find anyone that knows that this hitch system is and I live on the coast! As far as I know they were made by CURT and they used to have it listed as "discontinued". I sent emails but they don't respond. Thanks!
Posted By: hopalong

Re: E-Z Hitch tongue plate - 09/28/20 12:38 PM

I would go make the shop either find it or buy one, no reason they should have lost it when it could have been put in the boat.
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