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Skeeter Control Panel

Posted By: M. Massoletti

Skeeter Control Panel - 09/10/20 08:26 AM

The control panel went out again on my 2009 Skeeter SX250. I called Plano in Longview who intern contacted Skeeter to order 1. Apparently Skeeter said that the company that has been making them has now stopped making them so they are now looking for another company to manufacture them. No telling how long that can take. Question is, does anyone know of a company around east texas that can make a panel that will fit where the current panel is and set it up with toggle switches. Yes I am aware of the modification out there, just looking for something that's less than approx $800. Was thinking about splitting the toggle switches between the left side where the control panel is, and on the right side of the steering wheel where a 5" graph was originally mounted. Power, bilge, light on 1 side, and livewell ect on the other. Thanks
Posted By: ssmith

Re: Skeeter Control Panel - 09/11/20 06:58 PM

they have a kit that you can change it over from standard to rocker switches i plug into the main harness under the dash.
Posted By: mjenkins

Re: Skeeter Control Panel - 09/24/20 01:56 AM

I have a NIB kit I bought for a 2003 zx225. Wound up selling the boat. Call me if interested at 817 996-6757.
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