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Motor guide’s gps system

Posted By: Stankygato

Motor guide’s gps system - 06/19/20 12:47 PM

I’m looking to get the “pin point” gps system for my motor guide. In every video I can find they are connecting the gps system up to their Lowrance. My question is does anyone know if you have to connect it to a depth finder to use the gps features of the trolling motor such as the anchoring system and routes which can all be controlled from the trolling motors remote
Posted By: ETxRT

Re: Motor guide’s gps system - 06/20/20 06:26 AM

The trolling motor can be controlled by itself or when connected to a Lowrance with the Gateway, it can be controlled through that as well. So it can be controlled with either or both.
Posted By: Skunked Again Fishing

Re: Motor guide’s gps system - 07/05/20 01:24 PM

The trolling motor gps is standalone. You don’t need to connect it to a lowrance for it to work on it’s own.
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