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Need Battery

Posted By: Lazy Ike

Need Battery - 05/16/20 09:43 PM

fish Been reading posts about Duracell boat batteries from Sams. well cant seem to find a group 31 Cranking battery in stock. checked 3 stores. help
Posted By: Kevin R.

Re: Need Battery - 05/16/20 11:39 PM

Batteries plus has them in stock, $10 higher than sams.
Posted By: Coolarrow

Re: Need Battery - 05/16/20 11:45 PM

Not sure what motor you have.. I run two 27 size to operate my 24v trolling motor and one 24 size for my cranking/ lights and graphs. 19’ bass boat 150 hp outboard. All the Duracell AGM battery’s from Sams. Running a Minkota 3 bank charger to keep them hot. Great battery’s so far! I switch from Interstate which I had good luck with too. I just wanted to try the AGM sealed battery’s.
Posted By: Lazy Ike

Re: Need Battery - 05/25/20 04:02 PM

fish Thanks guys{kein&coolarrow] yea I went by Batteries plus a group31 Duracell lead battery was 129. Still checking around, those agm s are heavy & alittle$$$ . Any ways running 19' p2 200 efi with 24v troll motor 2 humbirds. I have had a Walmart on there for crank battery. For like 3yrs been good, has 1000 mca. May get another.
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