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Power Pole or Talon

Posted By: big10

Power Pole or Talon - 04/13/20 05:24 PM

Looking for opinions on what some of y’all are using. What’s the good and bad of each? Looking to add some and trying to decide which way to go. They will be used mostly in freshwater fishing shallow, muddy silted in bottoms.
Posted By: KB1953

Re: Power Pole or Talon - 04/13/20 08:06 PM

Power Poles, their customer service is number 1 in the fishing industry! thumb
Posted By: tmd11111

Re: Power Pole or Talon - 04/13/20 08:32 PM

Ford vs, Chevy. They both have pro's and con's.
Posted By: Dayne

Re: Power Pole or Talon - 04/13/20 10:50 PM

Unless they have changed, Power poles are compatible with Lowrance and Talons with Minn Kota.
Posted By: forkduc

Re: Power Pole or Talon - 04/21/20 01:33 AM

Talon,just wire in and your good to go!
Posted By: Bobby Milam

Re: Power Pole or Talon - 04/21/20 02:25 AM

+1 on Ford vs Chevy and people always tout their customer service being second to none but that might just be because so many people have had issues and had to contact customer service to find out if they are good or bad. I have had a talon. On the positive side it always worked the way it should and easy to connect, just run wires to your switch and battery. They always worked. The downside of them is that they are heavy. If you have a large boat and engine that won't be an issue. My boat is smaller and it definitely effected the hole shot if I had a passenger. I had to change props and still was on the harder side to get out of the water.

The talon will always have the vertical section up which some people didn't like for rear seat casting. The PP you can lower into the water if they are in your way. You can put a light on top of the talon and never have to worry about putting in or removing navigation lights. Either one does the job that they are suppose to do so it really is just a personal preference. With a spotlock trolling motor I just didn't have a need for one any more.
Posted By: big10

Re: Power Pole or Talon - 04/28/20 01:41 PM

Appreciate the feedback from everyone
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