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Ultrex Power Dial

Posted By: Mudbone

Ultrex Power Dial - 02/17/20 06:30 PM

On the foot control, my wheel for the power settings has almost zero resistance and needs to be tightened up. I can be on a spot fishing and have it set to 4 and then run across the lake and when I get there and lower the TM, its on 10 and it gets "sporty", LOL

Anyone know if this is an easy adjustment? I first noticed it after I had repair center (dealer) work on it.
Wanted to see if this was something I could do without messing up anything else under the pedal
Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: Ultrex Power Dial - 02/17/20 07:13 PM

There is supposed to be a friction spring on the knob shaft to prevent that.
Part # 2292700

Posted By: Mudbone

Re: Ultrex Power Dial - 02/18/20 02:21 AM

Thanks Wayne
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