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Recycled soft plastics

Posted By: Stankygato

Recycled soft plastics - 12/27/19 02:49 PM

Hey guys I have about 15 pounds of soft plastics that could be used for remelting and making baits. If you know anyone that makes baits and reuses plastic let them know. You can have it for free I just don’t want to throw it all away. I’m in the Houston area
Posted By: cokel

Re: Recycled soft plastics - 12/30/19 10:11 PM

My son and I remelt and make our own. We live in Beaumont.
Posted By: SenkoSam

Re: Recycled soft plastics - 01/08/20 02:38 AM

Don't get rid of them - make hybrid lures using the parts from different lures. All you need are a candle and a bit of imagination. Here are a few examples:

[Linked Image]

Top left: a curl tail attached at its curve to a Sweet Beaver type body
Next one down: a grub body added to a Flip Tail worm
Small worm body (front of the lure) and Mr Twister Grub body
Bottom two: worm bodies joined to make short sticks for wack rigging
Two bottom right: grub bodies attached to Kut Tail worms

Except for the Beaver, all have caught fish when rigged on light ball head jigs.
[Linked Image][Linked Image]

Some more:
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image][Linked Image]

Claw of a crawdad lure added to a grub body:
[Linked Image][Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

The lures shown catch most fish species.
Posted By: pop r

Re: Recycled soft plastics - 01/10/20 12:59 AM

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